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Recipes With Budget In Mind

A Little Bit About The Recipes

I have individual recipes on the site, but I also offer a little something different for my readers. This blog is all about going vegetarian on a budget. In light of this, I have included budget friendly recipes that include full meals as well.

All recipes have Nutritional Information, Cost Breakdowns & my personal notes.

Where Do They Come From?

Many of the recipes you view are my own, so please do not copy them word for word to your website. Likewise with the photos, I prefer that you not reuse my photos unless you have created a direct link to my content. Always give a link back to my site if you use my recipe on yours! I’ll do the same for you. I have sharing buttons enabled that should cover anywhere you want to share my recipe content, please use them often!

Remember you can always use the “Search” function at the top of each page and on the blog sidebar to find a recipe you are looking for!

Now, onward to what you are really interested in…Yummy, Yummy Goodness!

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